The purpose of this website is to raise attention about the types of intertextual conversations arising around mental health in a space like Tumblr. Everything on this website stems from the final project for a Master’s in English Literature. 

Through my academic research, I’ve analyzed this phenomena on Tumblr, looking at the way Tumblr users draw from literary texts and popular culture to further engage with mental health. In conjunction with my paper and research, I offered this website to do multimodal work similar to the work done on Tumblr. My website is a platform similar to Tumblr, but it doesn’t allow users to engage with the negativity oftentimes associated with mental health. I’ve implemented similar techniques, using the multimodality of literature, television, movies, and other digital content, but simultaneously encourage a positive, constructive cycle of engagement.

I feel that this website places my project within the digital space I’m studying. The inclusion of blog component of the website allows me to continually expand my work with literature, mental health, and Tumblr in ways that bring the conversation beyond my focus on Thirteen Reasons Why. 

If you have any information you would like to share, or any concerns about the content from my webite or from the culture of Tumblr, feel free to send me a message or email me at findingourhope@gmail.com!